Run the Call uses a reverse auction platform for its project bidding. A reverse auction is a specialized auction format that allows individuals/organizations to procure goods and services at the lowest possible price. Featuring decreasing incremental bidding,the format lets potential suppliers submit a bid and the supplier with the lowest price will win. In other words, Job Providers post a job they need completed, and then Job Seekers bid to provide the best price. The Job Provider decides the exact specifications of each item,allowing the Job Seeker to determine whether to bid on the project based on those specifications.

Any licensed U.S. attorney can post or bid on projects. Any law students at an accredited ABA school may join and bid on projects.

This is not outsourcing per se. Outsourcing typically throws a project at an independent contractor in another country with limited over site.At Run the Call, we pride ourselves on providing ONLY domestic Job Seekers.This is especially important considering the bleak job search many attornies and law school graduates are facing.

Run the Call additionally enhances this process by providing tools for the Job Provider and Job Seeker to maximize the flow of communication,efficiency, and expectations. Run the Call believes that this active collaboration increases Job Provider's and Job Seeker's satisfaction.

Yes. On August 25, 2008, the ABA released it opinion on outsourcing. To view the opinion, click here. So long as the Job Provider complies with the ethical guidelines, it is perfectly ethical to outsource your work.

Under the guidelines set forth in the opinion, the Job Provider and Job Seeker are not engaged in the unauthorized practice of law or breaching any ethical obligations if you follow the guidelines.

Run the Call is 100% free to post projects or apply for projects or use the classified services. The only fee that is paid is a final transaction fee of the final project value. See fee sheet.

When you join Run the Call, you will be prompted to create a username and password. Once you have created your username and password, you will be able to log on to view all active projects. Once you have a username and password, if you wish to post a job, click here.

To bid on a project, read Do not reply to Run the Call. We do not have any part of the application or selection process from this point on.The client may ask for samples of work and / or references, etc. which you would send directly to them. Run the Call is designed to be very user friendly to create a streamlined, efficient service to you.

Paypal or Escrow.

Run the Call takes several measures to ensure a quality marketplace. In particular,the feedback portion of the website is designed to ensure an honest and an accurate description of the employer’s … and the employee’s …

As with any job or project, we strongly encourage members also to do research on the company and the person hiring. Check them out by doing an internet search to see if you find any mention of them (positive or negative) on message boards, etc.

  • All prospective Job Seekers agree in the Terms of Use to a conflict of interest/confidentiality agreement prior to becoming a registered user of Run the Call.
  • Attorney Client privilege applies because all of Run the Call's members are lawyers or law students. Under applicable law, the attorney-client privilege applies to a client's communications with and in the litigation context of a lawyer providing services to that client. This privilege also extends to a lawyer's communications with, and the work product of, any vender providing services to that lawyer under a direct engagement relationship. Because the Job Provider and Job Seeker are directly collaborating with each other, the communications and work product remain privileged.
  • Run the Call respects your need for privacy,that's why you can post a bare-bones description of the job, then collaborate privately with the winning bidder.

Run the Call provides a great opportunity for public interest organizations to take advantage of an eager, well-trained work force. Job Providers post a job in the public interest category. Then, the Job Seekers bid on the project in the same fashion except on a free basis. You can solicit a quality workforce without expending any of your scare resources. Run the Call does not take a percentage of any Public Interest Auctions.

While a public interest bid does not pay monetarily, it offers many intangible benefits:

Enhance your resume
Polish your legal research or writing skills
Network with other attorneys
Job satisfaction

To cancel, contact Run the Call by email and we will cancel your membership within 48 business hours. Cancellations do not entitle you to refunds for periods you are already enrolled in.

Due to the nature of Run the Call, we cannot offer refunds for periods currently enrolled because once a person joins and logs in, all jobs and projects posted are immediately accessible.

Offering refunds would compromise the mission of Run the Call by encouraging people to join to simply copy the information, then cancel their memberships.

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